Release Limitations to Access Uplifted Energy & Expanded Potential

Taurus Blue Moon Energy Healing   •   November 4   •  6pm UK / 2PM New York 

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Dear Expanding Soul,

As the Earth begins moving into the darker half of the year, the cosmic energies are aligning to lift the veil between the worlds: spirit and Earth, inner and outer, Higher Self and Ego.

The sun is in Scorpio, an energy of uncovering secrets & going deep inside to our inner world, and the moon is in Taurus, a grounded, contented energy of self-care, material world, and loving our outer environment. 

Our healing channel, guides and the Ascended Masters will work with us using these energies so that you release inner limitations to live with the Taurus Moon's calm & contentment and with a clearer vision of the future.

I am devoted to our work and look forward to opening the channel with you November 4 on Zoom.

Love Always,


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Activate Your Soul Path

  Connect to Community  

These sessions are powerful portals that open to assist with the growth of your soul. 

Every session is unique. I open our sacred heart & our auras to the Ascended Masters & Higher Self, making every healing completely supportive for each person.

Whether you are a beginner meditator or a seasoned yogi, you’ll receive the energetic nourishment that is precisely what you need to connect to your Higher Self, your passion, and the joy of life.


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How Healing Sessions Work

With each session, you receive:

1.5 hours of high-vibrational spiritual healing channeled directly from the divine

Pre-Session preparation workbook to empower you to get the most out of your time

Video or audio devotional practice specifically designed to bring you deeper.

Post-Session Guidance for deep integration

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Words from the Community

The session was absolutely empowering! Confirming who I am, a flashback to the past in a context of the true identity of who I really am. A new beginning blessed with incredible inspiration… Am very grateful for this healing session and being part of a phenomenal community, built through these challenging times. --- Cristina B.

  These sessions are so profound and I cherish every one of them. I taught Kundalini yoga and meditation for 7 years… I deeply appreciate all that you do for us. --- Deb. B.  

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  November 4   •  6pm UK / 2PM New York   •   Group Session LIVE on Zoom

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The session is EUR 39 for a single session or EUR 69 for two sessions.


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